Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What a day!

Today started out didn't go so smoothly for quite a while but is finally calming down :)

At 5:20 this morning I got a text from Baby's case manager saying she would be here at 7:45 to pick him up. I was very mad! I really like some notice for cryin' out loud! I don't think it's too much to ask. She ended up getting here 45 min. late and I have to say I was not the warmest person to her when she got here. They got back about 2:30 this afternoon and she decided to stay for her visit. I knew she would...I was prepared :) She apologized and said that she sent the text last night but apparently it just came through on my phone this morning. Whatever! Hopefully this never happens again. I think the apology came because our awesome social worker sent her and her supervisor and email (friendly :) ) to note how unacceptable this was. Moving forward!

I sent baby cereal, applesauce, and diced green beans with baby as well as enough formula for 2 bottles. He came home with no food eaten and only 1/2 of one of the bottles gone. That means that b/w 8:30-2:30 he had about 3 ounces of formula! Poor kid
:( Perhaps Dad gave him something from McDonalds (yeck!!) but when he got home he ate the entire lunch I sent plus a 6 oz bottle! He was really hungry!

In one breath the CM said they want to staff for TPR and the next she said we still have to go through the hoop of getting Dad a case plan (probably Jan at court). She was funny because she said "I don't know how a case plan of the exact same thing he was supposed to do for the last 9 months is going to make a difference!" Dad will not sign surrenders and wants a case plan. He has no stable job or housing...still..I see another long case ahead as I said before.

Little Man's CM came today too...he was a 1/2 hour late but at least he came :) We chatted for a bit and LM was very entertaining. He then went on to say he would be out of town till Tuesday because he is going to Puerto Rico to propose to his girlfriend! I asked how long they had been dating and I discovered that he is only 23. He's a baby!!! I think Baby's cm is about the same age! It helped me to digest what happened a bit this week. They are young...that doesn't mean they can't do their job, but I think back to me at 23 and even though I was mature, 10 years and being parent makes things look really different. I felt SO OLD at that point! I even mentioned that to him and he said "You're not old! You're not even 40 yet!" LOL! I used to think 40 was old that it's getting much closer I'm having different thoughts...that's only 5+ yrs away. I seem to blink and 5 yrs is gone!

Well...we may be moving very soon and I am dreading having to pack all our stuff we have collected in the 3 yrs we have been here! Tons of stuff for foster care that we didn't have to move last time-lol! At least we will have a place to store it all now :) I should hold up a bit...the offer hasn't been accepted, but I'm believin'!!!

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