Friday, July 23, 2010

Pulmonologist Follow-Up

This morning we had Little Man's follow-up appt with the pulmonologist and she said he is doing **GREAT** His breathing treatments have been decreased to once a day for the next 3 months and then to wean him off of them! :) Yay!! She also suggested a visit with her, myself, Little Man, and his birthmom to train her in signs to look for that he may be having trouble, how to manage his asthma appropriately, and how to give his breathing treatments. Awesome!! Hopefully she will agree to come and we can get it done in the next 4 weeks or so before both L.M.'s b-mom and the Dr. have their babies!! :-)

Just in case I don't get a chance to post before next week....please be in prayer for us especially on Monday and Tuesday. Monday is another status hearing which from what I hear b-dad will be attending. This will be my first time meeting him and the length of this case could be extended??? Tuesday is the unsupervised visits and/or reunification staffing for L.M. Please just be praying for God's will through it all and that I shine His light as this sweet little boy's future is determined. Thank you!!!

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