Tuesday, July 6, 2010

We're back!

We had a wonderful two week vacation!! Little Man did AWESOME, well...except for with that whole being locked in a car seat for so many hours thing! LOL! The way home was a bit long! He got to try the slip-n-slide, play in alfalfa, meet lots of new people, and get into lots of trouble :) He is really trying to walk a lot more and has taken as many as 12 steps! Over vacation he cut two molars and has two more attempting to come through! Poor thing! He has an extended visit with his mom tomorrow since we were gone.

Tomorrow we also will be adding to the crew! We will be doing respite for an 11 month old little boy who we will call "Little D" here :) Wow...it will be like having twins!! I am interested to see how Little Man responds to him! 4 boys for 11 days!!!!!!!!!!

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Mary H. said...

praying for you...you'll need it!