Thursday, July 8, 2010

So sick of being sick!

The poor baby is sick AGAIN! He had a bit of a runny nose on vacation, but nothing major at all. The Monday we were traveling back he began to get worse and by the time we were back in hot/humid FL he was really not well :( Two nights ago he woke up with a fever and yesterday he wasn't too hot, but just out of it. Today he had a temp of 103.3 so I talked to his pulmonologist since he had some wheezing and fast breathing. On his last chest x-ray there was something that could be (or could turn into) pneumonia so with a fever that high she wanted me to start him on an antibiotic tonight. She said she would call it in (this was at 3:45) and I could pick it up in an hour. I went to pick it and she hadn't called it in, so this could be another long night ahead! He has an appt with his pediatrician set for early tomorrow morning, so we'll get things straight then. Mr. A went to bed saying he was so tired and didn't feel well. Maybe it's just a virus going around? The thing we have learned with Little Man though is that something simple (like a cold) can turn into more for him very quickly with his asthma, so...better safe than sorry!

His social worker stayed for her monthly visit today and she said that Mom continues to do what she needs to do on her case plan. The CM completed the homestudy (so Mom can have unsupervisied visits there if approved). There are two reasons that it most likely will not be approved. We have court again at the end of the month so we will see what happens. I am very interested to see if bio-dad will show up!

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Mary H. said...

Any updates on Little Man today? Poor little guy!