Sunday, July 18, 2010

Well Visit

Little Man had his one year check up the other day and is doing great! He lost a pound after being sick, so was down to 22lbs and is 30 inches tall. That makes him 50%ile for height and only the 25th for weight. She was impressed with his language skills (has at least 10 words/approximations) and he started signing "all-done" and "light" this past week :) He tries to say pretty much anything you ask him to and enjoys spending time creating his own little silly 1 yr old games! He also finally started initiating going down the stairs backwards rather than head-first. Thank God! He desperately wants to be a big boy like A and I and each day is getting closer!

Baby A is still here until tomorrow morning. If we were asked to keep him I would jump at it in a heart beat! He is such a pleasant newborn! He is a great eater, he sleeps well (2.5-3.5 hours at a time) and is just a sweetie! Nothing beats the smell of a newborn's head either :-) Little Man cared the 1st day, but after that he has been laughing at the baby and doesn't really care if I am holding him. Progress :)

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Sandy said...

Babies heads...make that any of my children's heads are my VERY favorite smell in the whole wide world!! Ohhh and fresh after a bath - even better :) I actually wish I could bottle that smell and wear it as perfume :)