Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Really?? LOL!

Little Man's birthmom has some interesting takes on things...

1) She is convinced that when he gets a diaper rash it's because the CM and I have his car seat straps too tight...the fact that I told her it was from antibiotics was not considered-LOL! OK!

2) Today "mom" was putting Little Man in his car seat in the CM's car and asked the CM to turn her air on right away because the tint on her car windows was making it too hot in the car! ROTFL! Everyone in FL has tint to keep it COOLER in the car. Oh my!! She has some interesting ideas on things!!

The other hard part in her note to me today was when she asked if he asks for mama or dada. I'm still thinking about how to put that gently in my response to her. Yes, he asks for mama and dada, but he means Mr. M and I rather than her and bio-dad :( I don't think that she understands all that Little Man has been through and how a 1 yr old perceives all that.

There is a training coming up on how we as foster parents can recognize grief in the children in our home and help them through that. I am all for that and I hope I can attend the training, but I emailed our FDS back and asked if there was a training/teaching for birthparents to also recognize the signs of grief in different age children and how to help them cope. It is incredibly traumatic for a child to leave his/her birthparents (no matter the age) and it is important for us to know that, but at the same time when a child is in a foster home for so long, and then they have to say goodbye to all that they are used to and return home, those same grief feelings will occur. Just because he is back with her doesn't mean it's going to be roses right away. I didn't receive a response, and my guess is that nothing like that is in place. I'm going to have a book written for "mom" when Little Man goes back home (so much to tell!), so maybe I'll just send some info myself that will kind of explain what she might see and not to take it personally, but to understand what it is and help him through it.

The staffing that was going to be held on Tuesday was cancelled, so we are still waiting for the rescheduled date. Until then, we are continuing with supervised visits.

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