Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Not what I had hoped for....

Dad didn't show, the aunt/uncle appeared by phone and lied through their teeth. Pretty much it was stated that this case needs to close and that is all there is to it. The aunt/uncle want Baby. He will stay with us at least till the next court hearing. If Dad does what he needs to do...we'll reunify. If he doesn't, we will change Baby's placement to the Aunt/Uncle. Either way, come June Baby will probably be leaving.

Since everyone is pretty sure Dad will not do what he needs to, they want to increase Baby's 4 hour visits to 6 in a few weeks. Remember when I said that the only reason they started visiting was because I thought PG was presented to them? Yep...I was right :(

I want to throw up....seriously! I have no peace about handing my Baby over to these people. My prayer continues to be that Baby's Dad has a realization that if he surrenders and lets us adopt Baby then he can stay in his life with an open adoption. Frankly, if Baby goes to Aunt/Uncle I don't think that he will see much of Baby at all.

SAD SAD SAD!!!!!!!


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

My heart is breaking.....
If you read my post from today.....you will see a tiny glimpse of our trials.....and my heart breaks because I remember them as if they were yesterday. My heart aches because it is sooo very hard to trust when you know the system is broken.

StarfishMom said...

If I were you I would tell your case worker that you want them to transport for uncle/aunt EVERYTHING is documented and they CANNOT lie. Not sure how long Baby has been with you but if it's longer than 12 months I'd check into getting a lawyer. In my state (NY) after 12 months you (as a foster parent) have standing in court. God is in control!

Mama P said...

Completely agree with StarfishMom, and here in our state it only takes 6 months to have standing in court.

:( Praying.