Monday, March 12, 2012

What do you do??

For those of you who have adopted one of your foster children, what have you done for workers (if anything) at the adoption hearing??? I especially want to honor his GAL who has been with us from day 1 and Moosie has a special bond with :) At the same time I don't want to show up with a gift for her and no one else. What about the lawyer? adoption worker? cm? (not sure if he will even be there) etc???

So.....hit me with your ideas!! What gifts/ideas do you have? At Christmas I gave his GAL a photo book of our time together from day 1 through Christmas...guess I should have saved that idea huh?! I can't believe that in 4 short days this case is coming to a CLOSE!!!!!


Mie said...

Yay that you're getting so close!

I didn't do anything for the people involved in our case :( Frankly I had so much going on that I didn't think about it.

That being said, I've been meaning to print pictures for them of our family at the adoption hearing so they can post it on their walls. I know our CASA and our own attorney have specifically asked for that, so I think that is a good idea.

If I were to do anything, that would be it. Maybe I'd give them a small frame they could put the picture in or send them the framed picture after the adoption was finalized.

Our CASA gave us a gift on the day of Summer's adoption - it was one of those willow tree figurine ornaments - I don't remember which one but it was to signify the adoption.

Maura said...

we ended up not doing anything because we had a lot of turnover with my son's case and all of the workers, gal, ect we only with us for about a month or two before the finalization.

This time around we had the same cw, gal, and attorney from day one so I think we will do something for them but I'm not sure what yet. we were thinking maybe a framed picture with a thank you note :)

Valerie said...

When we adopted our first two, we invited the case workers & attorney to lunch with us to celebrate. Four case workers accepted the offer & we had a wonderful time. Our following two adoptions, I wrote a thank you letter to the case workers and provided a letter with a quick update & "thank you for what you do everyday" letter.

Diane said...

Nothing - didn't want any appearance of impropriety because we make work with them again; also, many gov't employees cannot receive gifts. We have given our (private agency) licensing worker presents at Christmas. I like the family picture idea.