Saturday, March 17, 2012


Annoyed is the word of the day! I warned Uncle that Baby has a cold. Nothing serious, nothing stopping him from doing anything, just lots of snot! lol! He calls me when I am 15 min away from meeting him to ask how he is doing. I told him and he said ok...he was leaving. FF to 1 min before I get to the meeting place. I get a text saying he never picked up the car seat from his friend....can he borrow mine for today. Ummm...nope sorry I don't lend mine out. He said he would stop at Walmart and buy one. Wow! OK...why didn't you do this YESTERDAY! He was a 1/2 hour late. I had 4 kids in the car and I was not so giddy when he got there. He messes with the seat for at least 5 min and then stops, looks at me and says "I need help!" He couldn't figure out how to loosen the straps-lol!

In between I took my other kiddos to the zoo! We had a great time but while I'm there I get a text asking if I want pick up to be 1:30. Ummm...Nope again! YOU were a 1/2 hour late. I was there on time. We are meeting at 1:00. I am there at 1:00. He did not get there until 1:20. UGH! I hate it when my time is not respected :(

Baby's dad texted today and asked how he was. I told him fine and that he saw his brother/sister today. He wrote back that he was very upset. He knew he had a visit a couple of weeks ago but apparently didn't realize they were ongoing. He is now mad at ME. UGH! What the heck? Now he doesn't want the tickets to the Children's Museum. I tried to explain to him that I have NO CONTROL over these visits and if he is unhappy about them then he needs to talk to the CM. I told him that when he gets Baby back it will be his choice if he lets them visit or not, but it's not up to me right now and it's not up to's not ME he should be mad at. Sheesh! Shoot the messenger huh? I think that is some real motivation for him to get Baby he can have control to not see the aunt/uncle. Nice huh? :( I am still wondering about the PG and aunt/uncle. Dad would FLIP!!!!!!!!!!

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