Saturday, March 31, 2012


Drama! I HATE IT!!!!!!!!!! I dropped Baby off today and as he clung with his entire little body to mine I literally started to feel like I was going to get sick. Do you know that feeling? He DID NOT want to go and Uncle literally peeled Baby off of me. Good thing I keep plastic bags in the car! :(

After that I took my other kiddos to an egg hunt and they all had a great time! I think this was Michael's first real time "hunting" :) They got a TON of eggs and had a fun time!

We had about 1/2 hour in between getting done with the egg hunt and picking up baby and I got a text from Dad asking why we were trying to adopt Baby "behind his back" Ahhhh...I am so tired of this drama! I had to explain to him AGAIN (see t-shirt post!!) that he needs housing or they are going to have us adopt him (if he surrenders) or Baby will live with aunt/uncle. He replied back that Baby is all he has and if he loses him it will be like he is dead. He ended it with "I need help" Honestly my heart breaks for this guy! He is old enough to be my Dad (not too far away in age from my real Dad) and he is the victim of poverty and part of the cycle. He doesn't know how to do anything different :( He said that he got a place and that he is working out of town to get it. I replied with "really? As in you are living there and it's safe for Baby?" I got no text in return. Having the application for a place and having a place are so different!

He doesn't have the forethought to think.....I'm working out of town. Who is going to take care of baby while I am away? He also doesn't think or acknowledge that these out of town gigs are short-term and not a permanent way to support a child. I don't know what happened to the other job?????

Sigh.....still looking for that neon sign from God! :) The past several days I keep reading/hearing stories of how foster children leave the foster parent's home but weeks, months and even years later they return to the foster parents forever. When something like that happens to me over and over I sit up and pay attention. Maybe the Holy Spirit is trying to tell me something...prepare me for something. The next two months are going to be the fastest and slowest months all at the same time!

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