Monday, March 26, 2012

Out of town

Ugh...I am so sick of this "out of town" excuse! Dad missed the meeting last week because he was out of town and I just got a text that he is out of town again and won't see Baby until next week. I think that all of us have lost hope that Dad will do what he needs to do before court. The GAL is working overtime on this and she said that they are talking to the attorney and that Dad DOES have a say in where Baby goes. Of course Dad will need to TALK to the GAL! He won't return her calls and I have told him a couple of times to call her but he hasn't. SIGH!

On a good note....we had a new babysitter approved in record time so we can go to our foster parent appreciation banquet. A kid-free evening :)

We are planning an adoption/birthday party for our little guys coming up pretty soon! It will be fun to have the people who have supported and prayed for us together to celebrate! All our boy's b-days are within the first 6 months of the year as well 2 adoption days and 2 gotcha days, so we decided to throw it altogether and have playground/swimming and a cookout! Of course we are very sad none of our family will be there to celebrate with us :(

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