Thursday, March 1, 2012


(For those sick of the uncle saga....delete!)

I just got another text from him saying "the visit is from 9-2 right?"
Me: No the visit is from 9-1. We meet at 1:00
Him: Oh I thought it added driving time. 30 and 30.
Me: Nope. Would you like me send you another copy of the email?
(mind you...this will be the THIRD time he will be receiving this email. Once from the supervisor and once from me with ALL the important things HIGHLIGHTED!)
Him: No your right. Can you send me a copy for my fold tho when you are free?"

Grrr.....deep breathes! He is just one of those people who I have to keep reminding myself "He is God's child too! You are to show him love! God help my heart!" I am already praying over Baby and will do a lot of praying and anointing when he gets back home! :)

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