Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Staffing summary

Uncle and I arrived at the same time today to the staffing.  Uncle had kept Baby through today and we had planned on just meeting at the staffing and I would take Baby from there.  Baby saw me drive in and noticed my car right away.  He got all excited and pointed for me.  :)

The staffing was a waste of time!  The CM and GAL were not there, so it was just the permanency specialist, the CM's supervisor, Uncle, Baby and myself.  Of course everyone there was for Baby going to the Uncle's and this was all a formality because the CM got called out in court on it.

Uncle did stop to say that he was very appreciative of all the my husband and I have done and recognized Matt and I as Baby's parents and the people who had such an influence in his life.  He went on to say that he wants us to remain a part of Baby's life after he leaves (if).  He said that he wants us to be Baby's Godparents, have weekend visits (like they do now), and be there for special things in his life (his example was Kindergarten graduation).

Yesterday I was missing my baby so I texted Uncle to tell Baby that I missed him and to give him kisses from me.  He then texted me 4 different pictures of what Baby was doing right then :)  I pray that he means the words he has said and that we do get to remain a part of his life.  That would make this infinitely easier knowing that we do have to say goodbye that it wouldn't be forever!  I think that will help our kids as well :)

I don't understand it all...why we've had to go through what we have with this case, why they didn't take him earlier, why so many delays, and the list goes on!  BUT GOD....He has a plan for Baby and his future and whether we are his legal parents or "just" the people who raised him for the first 1 1/2 yrs of his life  we will get to see "our" baby grow up and hopefully have a strong influence in bringing him to the Lord...the most important part!!! :)

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