Friday, September 7, 2012


It's a BOY!!!!!!!!!!!  Nope..not us :)  I got an email from Michael's birth mom yesterday saying hello and asking what was going on around here.  I wrote her back very casually.  She responded with chit chat, then threw in a sentence something like this {yup I'm gonna have a baby in November it's a boy} and went on with more chit chat.  Whoa whoa whoa!!!! What?

Sigh...her and birth dad are " in love and we will be together forever and ever!"  It makes me sad how she thinks that this toxic violent relationship with a drug using dude is worth staying for :(  This will be their 3rd child together.  So far the other 2 are not with them.  I am wondering how long this one will be with them??? I have contacted Michael's old GAL and she is talking to her supervisor to see if there is anything that needs to be done with this information (I think this is the reason "A" hasn't told me she is pregnant sooner).  There is not an open CPS case so I am sure that they will be able to keep the baby, but I definitely think that with both their histories and involvement with CPS that they should be followed.  They got pregnant soon before the finalization of Michael's adoption.....not by accident I am sure.

God has allowed this to happen for His purpose!  I have to keep telling myself this!!!  I am praying SO HARD for this little one because I have read the files, I know what has gone on in this family and it breaks my heart that another child would have to endure that kind of life.  All the boys (she's had was a miscarriage) have "M" names.  Wonder what this one will be???  Michael's bio-sister looks *exactly* like him so I am curious to see the baby.  I bet it will give me a really good idea of what Michael looked like as a small infant :)

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Rachael said...

Oh man. What a trip. Our foster daughter's mom has had one miscarriage and one abortion in the eight months our girl has been with us - and she told the worker that yes, she was trying to get pregnant.