Saturday, January 9, 2010

Birthparent visit #2

So this visit didn't go as well as the last one! LOL! Little Man left with a smile on his face (his case worker picks him up), but by the time she put him in the car he was screaming! He proceeded to scream the entire trip there and for awhile once he got there (they meet at the agency). He finally calmed down, and then the "outpouring" came. We did several things "wrong" with his care and the CM did several things wrong, etc. The CM gave Mom and Dad a big dose of reality and reminded them why they were sitting there rather than at home with their son. She assured them that we are nice people, she had seen our home, etc. I totally realize that this is their way of gaining some control in a situation where they seem to have none (right now). The case plan and recommendations are being developed and they have A LOT to work on. They seem to really love their son, so for his sake I pray that they are commited to changing their lives in major ways to be there for him. It is going to be a long road though!!! I guess time will tell if they are really committed to putting the work in or not!

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