Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Noticing a pattern..

with Little Man's sleeping. The past two weeks I have noticed that for 3-4 days after his birthparent visits he awakens often and of course needs extra assurance. The other 3-4 days he has been sleeping through the night (with no feeding till 5:30am!) :) So...I guess for the time being I get about 3 nights of good sleep!! I'll take it because for the first month or so it was 0 nights of good sleep-LOL!

Of course this morning he just had to bonk his head on his hard rolling ball and get a red mark on his eye/eyebrow!! Ggggrrr...he couldn't have done it tomorrow right??? LOL!! They balked at every minor thing last week, so I am just waiting for "it." I have been putting lots of Vitamin E oil on it and it has definitely lightened it up, so maybe they won't make too big of a deal out of it??? I have learned to document EVERYTHING, and I know his CM is really good about that too. I have addressed all their other "concerns" from last week, so I hope they see that too :) His visit is scheduled for later today....

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