Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Silly me....

Why was I worried about his face???? He's wearing jeans today...! LOL! No more jeans was the request of the day. Ummmm...ok! She seems to be getting things in "gear" so we shall see if she follows through! I hope for Little Man's sake she does!!!! She has personally asked me for my phone number and I really am not comfortable with that...hhmmmm....maybe she has email??? Not that I don't want to talk to her, but with a phone number you can find an address...ya know? We have a standing date of Wed same time from now until ???? At least it will be steady.

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Mandy said...

I never give our phone number or address out but have given out our email. When one mom told me she didn't have email I told her that if she really wanted to communicate with me that email is free at the library and she could do it there. If this mom really wants to talk to you she can find a way to make email work for her.

I must say though that you have it nice because here we have to take the kids to visit so I had to hand them over to their bio parents in the waiting room and get told about how awful I was for everything in front of the kids (10,9,8,5,4--5 kids with 5 different sets of parents to get this from) and the whole room of other people there and then told what to do by them before I left with the kids again. One set was particularly bad and I finally told the CM that I can not talk to them for awhile because they can not be doing this in front of the kids so I would drop the kids off early to sit with the CM and she would get them after the visit and hold them until I came a few minutes later.

I now know foster parenting has many difficult struggles on your personality and God put me in that spot to make me stronger and help me to learn how to turn something negative around.