Saturday, January 30, 2010

No way!

Little Man decided that since he is finally feeling better (from his cold and teething) that he will try a new skill...yep...already! He now pulls to standing at the toy box, and then transfers over to the couch!! He is already trying to cruise the couch to get toys, etc, but he loses his balance and falls. I don't think it will be long though! He is also now able to get from sitting to his tummy without just falling over...he goes into a side-sit and then slowly goes onto his stomach. He's not really making a lot of purposeful sounds (he babbles some), but "they" often say that when a child is working on one major skill set (gross motor) that they put another on the side burner (speech). I saw this often in my teaching :) So..we continue to use baby signs with him and he'll speak when he's ready!! :) He does scream "mmmaaaaaammmaaaaaaaaa" when he's really angry! LOL! He of course still LOVES to eat! He is starting to take tastes of "adult" food...he has tried plain baked potato and avocado most recently. He got SO mad when the avocado was gone! LOL! He's gonna be a big boy!!!

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