Friday, January 8, 2010

Good idea :)

So Little Man's new case worker came to pick him up for his visit today (1/2 hour late!) and I told her that I started a notebook about him for his mom so she could feel like she still knew what was going on with him, what he's able to do, etc. I told his case worker this so she would be sure to open the bag and she was so surprised that I had that idea-lol! She said that she had never heard of that before! I guess that if I were in the position of his mom I would want to know every little thing that I am missing. Praying she feels the same way! I also asked for pics of her/Dad so that we can show them to Little Man as well. All of this is in strict obedience to God. Knowing what I know, at this point I do not think that he should return to his mom, (and don't want to facilitate a relationship) BUT knowing that God can get ahold of her and do what only HE can do, makes us do what we do :)

This new CM seems like she is going to be much more helpful that the last one so that is good and she seems more willing to share info. Praying for His will!!!!!!

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