Sunday, January 31, 2010

So sweet...

It seems like everyday Little Man is doing something new! Today it was clapping his hands for the first time! We frequently sing a little song that says "Clap your hands all ye babies, shout to the Lord with a song of triumph. Clap your hands all ye babies, shout to the Lord with a song of joy!" He usually just watches and giggles. Today he put his hands together (one on top of the other) and clapped along. Too cute! He also raised his hands (spontaneously!) in worship today as we were singing "I am free!" :)

Isn't it amazing how something so little like clapping your hands becomes something big when done for the first time? :) My heart breaks each time (day!) he does something new because his parents are missing all these "firsts." I was thinking the other day about how just *one* choice can change the whole direction of a person's life! I know single decisions that have changed mine for sure! Because of one really bad decision they are paying the consequences, but even more, so is Little Man :(

Mr. A asked me the other day "Mommy is "M" going to stay here forever and ever?" I told him that we weren't sure right now, that only God knows that answer. I asked him if God chose for "M" to stay here would he like that and his response was "Yes..."M" is going to stay here forever and not go anywhere!" I love how he has taken "M" completely as a member of this family. Actually, even Mr. I has too now (it's taken him a bit longer-lol!) He plays this game where he says "No, that's MY Mommy" and continues with the rest of the family. Today was the first time he included "baby" too :) Their little hearts will break if God's choice is to return him to his birthfamily, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it! :)

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