Saturday, January 16, 2010

What he's been up to..

Little Man is certainly not lacking in the gross motor development area! 6 months he is army crawling (and already trying to get on his knees after only 2 weeks of army crawling!!! ) Yesterday he totally shocked me and pulled up to kneeling at the toy box and was trying so hard to get to his feet, but couldn't coordinate it all yet...thank God!!

He is a really good eater!! Whew...he's huge! He loves pretty much any fruit or vegetable, and even if it isn't his favorite, he's a little piggy so he'll eat it anyway-LOL! He loves those rice rusks I posted about earlier and literally starts screaming if you eat in front of him and he doesn't have something!

We have started using baby signs with him. He watches intently. We started at 6 months with Mr. A too and he was using signs by 9 months and had over 100 by about 15 months! It's great for language development...we can't get that kid to be quiet now! LOL! We also used them with Mr. I when he came home at 1 yr, but he made more of a jump to words :)

He got his first tooth the other day!! He is definitely working on #2 right and jsut wants to be held. That's tough when he's almost 20lbs! He's been in the carrier a lot!

Little Man has to go the health dept on Tuesday for his 6 month shots. There's a Medicaid change that is *hopefully* getting taken care of so while that gets figured out they want me to get his shots taken care of. Not looking forward to that! :(

His sleeping is improving a tad...still the worst after a visit, but that's to be expected. He fell asleep by himself for a nap today (with a tad bit of crying) and slept for almost 2 hours which is his best nap yet! Night time is definitely getting better!!!

As layers of the onion to his story keeping peeling themselves back we are still left wondering what God has planned with Little Man. Again though, we are blessed to have as much time as we do with him :-)

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