Saturday, January 2, 2010

Sleep realization

As I was trying to put Little Man to sleep today I came to a realization. Every time I try to create a peaceful, quiet, calm environment for him to go to sleep in he screams and it takes him forever to go to sleep. It hit me today as I had to leave this quiet environment to discipline Mr. I for writing on the couch (gggrrrr!). As I used a "serious voice" with Mr. I, Little Man immediately quieted down and went to sleep. It then hit me...often times for his morning nap when I am trying to do school with Mr. A I had him Little Man in the carrier and he went to sleep quickly. He NEEDS noise to go to sleep! It really makes me wonder what kind of noisy/chaotic environment he developed that habit in. That sparked a memory from our training session when one of the instructors said that he would be calm and peaceful when putting her (foster) daughter to bed, but after many times out of bed she would say something like "enough is's time to go to sleep now!" in a more stern voice. She would go immediately to sleep. In her case she needed someone to raise their voice to her. Just another facet to this puzzle!

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