Sunday, April 18, 2010

10 months old!!

I can't believe that Little Man is 10 months old already!! He is getting all over the place, but not yet walking (thankfully!!) He has however started to bear walk which is just adorable! He loves to repeat sounds and "talk", play with his (foster) brothers, feed others his food, empty anything that is full, go swimming, well...just about anything! He is generally a very happy guy and he is SO happy that he is the only baby again! LOL! He has ANOTHER cold!!!!!! I literally cannot believe how much he is sick. I think we had a 1 week break. He is coughing and already wheezing again. The appt with the pulmonologist is Friday. We need his new medicaid card though before we can go to the appt so PLEASE pray with me that it comes by THURSDAY so that we can attend the appt and see what is going on with him!

In just a few short weeks he will have officially lived 1/2 of his life with his biological mother and 1/2 of his life here. She continues to do what she is supposed to do (classes), so that is good for Little Man. I think I mentioned that the visit was cancelled for Wed last week. She called and wanted to reschedule for Friday, but the CM said that she needed to call the bus company and figure out a route to get to the CM's office for the visit. Mom said "ok..I'll call you back when I find out" and she never returned the call :( A big thing for her is learning to do things for herself and problem solving. Currently they still do not have stable housing (living in a hotel) and neither have jobs. So while it's easy to complete a class/sessions that people have set up for her, it's proving more difficult for her to take the initiative on some very important things that need to happen before she gets him back. The staffing has been rescheduled for Tuesday so we will see if there have been any new developments and where we go from here!

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