Friday, April 9, 2010

Little Princess

Around 3:15 our Little Princess arrived! Our friends dropped off a bouncy seat, swing, and lots of clothes for her, so we are set for the week! She had a dr. appt this afternoon and unfortunately she has thrush--yuck! So...I thought we were done with meds, but apparently we have another week of them! She is just 9 lbs and super, super cute! A tiny peanut compared to Little Man!! The kids have taken very well to her, well...except for Little Man! If I am holding her and not him he follows me around pulling on my pants and screaming! He's going to need to get used to not being the baby around here! He'll adapt pretty quickly I'm sure...just in time for her to go to her permanent placement! LOL!

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Mandy said...

What fun. Enjoy your princess!