Wednesday, April 14, 2010

CM visit today

I got Little Man all ready for his visit today and 10 minutes past the time his visit was to start no one was here. Turns out she cancelled because Mom couldn't find transportation to the visit (despite her being given a bus pass to use for the visits). Anyway, the CM did come over and have our monthly home visit.

I learned a couple of interesting things....

1) There was a psychological eval done and there are recommendations for 10 counseling sessions as well as theraputic parenting sessions prior to reunification (so thankful for that!)

2) Mom has contacted a local adoption agency to place the new child for adoption because she doesn't want the state to get custody of the child. The CM said something about that not being able to happen because of her current situation, so we'll have to stay tuned on that one. If she were really doing it for selfless reasons I would totally applaude her decision to be able to recognize she isn't able to take care of two...sadly that doesn't seem to be the main motivator here :(

So...Mom is totally angry about the counseling sessions and feels "they" just don't want her to have her baby back. She also thinks that once this is all over they are going to just hand Little Man back to her. The CM said that it will be first unsupervised visits, then overnight stays, then weekend stays and then back full-time to transition him. We of course still have no idea when all of this is going to take place and are leaving that in God's hands!

Little Strawberry had a visit from her CPI today and will have her first birthparent visit tomorrow. They were unflexible on the time, so they have to pick her up from our homeschooling class tomorrow! Whatever! :-) She is doing really well now and even slept for most of the night last night!!! I was SO GRATEFUL!!! Good thing her other foster home is just a short drive away so we can visit her :)

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