Monday, April 5, 2010


Little Man is doing better...well...mostly anyway! Last night he was up for over 2 hours for no real reason :( We had a check up today and he was still wheezing, so she had me give him another treatment in the office before we left. I started to give it to him when his quick grabby hands ripped the top off and all the medicine went flying into the air...lovely! So we started over again! She said he should be significantly better by the end of the week. We were able to make the pulmonologist appt for April 23rd so hopefully we can get some answers so we don't have these 3-4 week cycles of sickness all the time!

Tomorrow I am going to a permanency staffing where all the "main players" will meet and discuss the case and what's happening with Mom's case plan, etc. I am hoping to hear the results of her evaluation from Friday as well. Everything seems to be on course for her, but there are potentially a few things that could extend his time in care. Still praying for God's will through it all! :)

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Foster mama K said...

Hope your little man is feeling well soon. Our Lil' Man has had croup or some other type of chest infection constally since he came to live with us almost a year ago!