Wednesday, April 28, 2010

That makes sense!

So in our little communication book today I asked Little Man's mom if she could tell me about any family history (thinking parents/etc) with asthma/allergies. I had assummed (Big mistake) that she would have mentioned that she had allergies/asthma after all of our talk of him on breathing treatments etc. She wrote back and stated that she in fact DOES have asthma/allergies, it runs on both sides of the family, and she uses an inhaler 4-5 times a day! She said that he knew was going to have it. What??? I really wish she would have mentioned that ummm....back in December! Oh least we now have this very important information for our next pulmonologist appt :)

She also mentioned something else interesting...I won't go into specifics, but Little Man has not one older sibling, but 2 as well as the unborn baby. Mom supposedly finished something from her case plan today (conflicting reports here) and starts on the next big thing in a couple of weeks.

Little Man continues to do well. He has started saying "ba" whenever he holds a ball and says "nana" when he eats a banana or even sees one. So cute!! He is bear walking all over the place, but not really venturing out with the walking yet. I am totally ok with that :)

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