Friday, April 16, 2010

Goodbye sweet girl!

Today sweet little Strawberry left us for her "permanent" foster home. We consider our time with her blessed and we will miss her! She was/is our first "goodbye" but it's easier knowing that she is with awesome people who will take great care of her :-)


Mandy said...

Will you be able to continue to see her while she is with them?? How are the boys doing with her leaving?

Our Journey said...

Yes :) My friend will let us visit I'm sure! Mr. I really didnt' seem to care either way, but Mr. A keeps asking (to be reassured) that we can visit her. He has asked a few times where she is forgetting that she is gone-lol! It wasn't a lengthy stay, so it won't be as hard as if/when we have to say goodbye to Little Man. That one will hit us all a lot harder :(

The Campbell's Journey said...

I can't thank you enough for keeping our sweet little girl while we were gone. Of course you can visit as often as you want. We definitely need to go to the park again soon since the weather has been so nice. I'll send you pictures too!