Friday, January 7, 2011


As I mentioned in an earlier post, I am re-reading the book called "Loving our kid's on purpose" which is an exceptional parenting book! Something struck me as I was reading made me think of LM's mom.

"Blame is simply giving away the power to direct and change my life to someone else. When I blame someone, I have said 'I cannot change unless you change. I cannot forgive unless you change. I cannot love unless you change. I cannot be free unless you let me out of prison.' The habit of blame comes from believing that we are powerless in our relationship. It feels real to tell ourselves that we are not responsible for how we are behaving. We are not responsible because something or someone more powerful in my external world is more powerful that I am inside. Unwilling to live without power, people afraid of being controlled by other seek a way to control others. If I can be controlled, then other people can be controlled, and therefore I can control others. " (Danny Silk)

There is a lot of blame/control happening in this case and she seeks to control others because she herself is being controlled! It's powerful when the Holy Spirit makes you look at something from another perspective!

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