Sunday, January 30, 2011

Respite placement

Friday evening baby girl arrived! The boys have been so sweet with her. My rough and tough boys have a special soft side for babies :) Even Little Man has been **excellent** with her! He wants to hold her (with my help of course!), feed her, and play with her. They think they are hot stuff when they get her to smile, coo and laugh! She seriously is the sweetest baby!! She is so easy going, fun, and she sleeps through the night! Now that's a total package :) We have been joking that we are going to tell her foster parents to keep driving on...we'll keep her!!! It's going to be tough to say goodbye! I know that might sound silly, but really! God has made the heart with an amazing capacity to LOVE... Opening our hearts is a we will gladly take even if it means saying goodbye.

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