Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Latest tricks

Little Man has discovered that he can use other objects to get things he wants! His favorite things to flip over and stand on are the laundry basket, lego tubs, and riding toys (that one scares me! lol!) He reaches stuff of his brothers, turns lights on and off and and tries to climb over the gates! I truly think it's amazing that we haven't had a trip to the ER yet! Thank You Jesus for protection! LOL! This one demands constant attention!

Tonight I was changing his diaper and and he counted to 3 all by himself! Being the smallest of 3 has gotten him learning through osmosis!

The Dr. was impressed with his language skills today as well...when he turns the lights off (ya know while trying not to fall) it will go dark and he'll look at me and say "what apnened?" (what happened?) Too cute! He also likes to talk to strangers where ever we go saying "Hi! Ow are woo?" (how are you?)

He is a smart little spit fire! I am happy to report that he is using his words more and more and we are getting through this tantrum/screaming stage! Thank you Lord!

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