Wednesday, January 26, 2011


It's a beautiful thing!!!!!!! For about the last month Little Man has not slept through the night. He would wake up crying and although he would easily (sometimes) go back to sleep with an easy "shhhhh" he was waking a good 4-6 times a night! On top of that he was SO CRABBY during the day. He would throw these horrible tantrums and scream so loud I thought my ear drums were going to rupture! I thought he was teething and cutting his molars (that still may be partially true). I didn't realize just how spiritual that was!

Since Monday's decision I have seen a totally different little boy than the last month! The past two nights he has slept through the night without so much as a peep! His days are so sweet again...he is happy, laughing and JOYful! The past almost 14 months have been such a spiritual battle! I know that the work isn't over yet, and there will be things to battle against at various points in his life, but for now...PEACE!

Something else that is different is that I am allowing myself to look into the future. I always kept my visions for his future up to his 2nd birthday or whenever I thought he might have to leave. Now my mind is free to look far into the future and know that he's going to be a part of our family and a piece of those memories!

As part of the decision on Monday, Mom/Dad get to continue visitation if they give 24hours notice. That did not happen yesterday and so there will be no visit today. Their visits will continue (if they want them) until they are tpr'd.

Looking forward to a dramaless day :)

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