Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I hate sickness!

Little Man can't simply get a cold...nope it's a cold that turns into more! I ended up making an appt for him today just because of his history with asthma and this cold has been dragging on. I've given him a few treatments and although they help temporarily he's not getting better. Of course the only appt I could get for today was during his visit with his parents. I haven't heard back about if that will be rescheduled or simply cancelled for the week. I'm sure his mom isn't pleased, but his health needs to come first.

As I was journaling today I realized that today (the 5th) is also supposed to the day of the finalization of her divorce. That means NO money coming in for them and no way to pay the rent they are already so far behind on. No job prospects either (not so sure they are looking) :(

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PotterMama said...

Hope he starts feeling better soon. Praying for his family & God's will in his life. Even if she doesn't get him back- I hope she gets her life together.