Monday, March 21, 2011

2 down 3 to go....

This morning we had LM's CM and our Licensing social worker for their visits. Tomorrow are the 2 GAL's and some other time this week we will have an unannounced from our other CM! They all choose the same week to come every month! Oh well..get it over with :)

Everything went smoothly as usual, but we did learn that the agency our CM works with will be closing their doors May 31st! She wasn't supposed to tell anyone, but well....she likes me! lol! She is going to try her hardest to get us all moved over to the adoption unit and get started on our homestudy early so that we don't have to be switched to the new agency then over to adoption....MUCH appreciated!! No one has heard anything further from b-mom, so that's good and bad. We haven't heard anything from the people trying to find them either though :( April 13th should be an interesting day! Hopefully the judge (who is BIG on permanancy!) will just terminate!!


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