Tuesday, March 8, 2011


What an afternoon yesterday was!!! I went to the hospital around 12:20 (early as asked) to prepare for our 1:00 ultrasound appt. We waited...and waited...and waited. They were having trouble getting his Medicaid situated. Ok...it's now 2:15 and Medicaid is finally figured out and we have our wrist band now we just need to wait to get called back. We wait...and wait...and wait!! Meanwhile I am trying to keep a 4yo, 1 yo and newborn happy and quiet! They did SO great Uuntil the end, but they were just DONE at that point!! I totally understood!!

Finally at 3:15 we got called back...oh Hallelujah!!! The tech had trouble getting the hip pictures and LG was less than pleased to have his diaper off and he was cold! She sent the pics to the Dr. who was not pleased with how they turned out, so he came down and we did it all over again! His were much clearer. He did the hands-on hip test as well and told me that he'd write a report, but that everything looked fine and we wouldn't have to do anything else!!!! Yay for no brace!!!!

While the Dr. was manipulating and moving LG's hip he peed on the Dr.! I guess that was his way of saying "thanks for making me wait so long and this is what I think of what you're doing to me!" LOL!

My plan for yesterday was to do the ultrasound, be out by 1:30 or 2:00 and have 2 hours to waste before picking up my hubby and son at the airport at 4:00. Ummm...we left the hospital at 3:50 and were 20 min. from the airport, but we swung by and the timing ended up ok even though we didn't get to greet them as they got off the tram. Add in a little rush hour traffic, tired/crabby kids, and less than stellar dinner and that was our night, but it was *perfect* because my "boys" were back home :)

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