Tuesday, March 1, 2011

So frustrated!

So I get to court about 20 min. early and check with the Baliff to make sure we were still in this court room. He said we were on the docket, but then an attorney (which happened to be b-dad's) said that it was cancelled!!!!!!!!! :( GRRRRRRR!!!!! So it has been postponed until April 13th. The more I think about it this could be a good thing because it will give them more time to find "mom/dad" and serve them the papers to appear at court. That way if the judge does not entertain the "aunt" idea then rights could be terminated on that date. Of course it could still go another way where the judge does entertain the idea, but from what I have heard about both new judges they both really consider THE CHILD...go figure! :)

This cancellation gave me the opportunity to sit in on Little Grape's mother's arraignment. She denied all charges so now we go to pre-trial/trial. Pre-trial just happens to be the same date/time as Little Man again...His mother would not even make eye contact with me (I knew from talking to the GAL that she would not be interested in hearing from me). Anyway, she had the opportunity to see who I was and hear me speak about how well he is doing! Dad was not there b/c no charges have been filed against him.

So....this has not been the day I planned, but God has a plan and I must wait to see that unfold!

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