Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New Developments

So...I got an email today stating that LM's birthmom contact our CM and gave her address in another state (not the one she previously was in) so that she could be contacted. She stated that she is not with birthdad anymore and has no idea where he is! If she only had made that decision so many months ago she may have had a chance at getting her child back. So....the good news is that she can now be properly served!!!! We still need to find Mr. Wonderful though. The court date has been pushed back again :( May 4th is the new date, so hopefully he shows up in one way or another before then, both of their rights will be terminated and we can move on with life!! Wishful thinking? Maybe, but I serve a BIG BIG God and He can do that...yeah no problem!

Now I'm sitting here thinking...what on earth is going through her mind??? Why would she contact the CM unless she thinks that she possibly has a chance at still getting her son back. Yeah...that ship has pretty much sailed, but I wonder if she realizes that??? Seriously....I'm not sure she does :(

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"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Praying for you situation...sounds way too familiar.

Please be praying for us...if you could go to my blog, read, and if you have ANY suggestions for our situation I would love to hear them!!!!