Monday, March 7, 2011

Ultrasound today

Today is Little Grape's ultrasound for his "hip-click." I am taking the 3 kids (1 is out of town) so this should be an adventure! We have to go to the Children's Hospital because the pediatrician wanted it to be done by a Dr. who knew what he was really looking at/for.

The hip-click means that there could be a malformation of the head of the femur, the head is not correctly in the acetabulum (socket), or there is a malformation in the socket itself. An x-ray is not good enough right now because the baby's bones don't show up until 6 months or so. If the hip has one of these problems (because of his age and catching it early) he will have to wear one of these contraptions. Looks like fun huh?! It will hold the hip in the correct position and help it to form normally.

We are praying that it was just a "fluke" and that God has completely healed this part of his hip and no treatment will be necessary!!!

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MamaFoster said...

my first born had this and was in that little contraption as well. have you heard of double diapering and also carrying them around on your hip as a way to help with this as well if they are not in that crazy little thing all the time?

i got sick of it and started just double diapering him (not that I am suggesting you stop using it) and he grew out of it. hopefully your sweet baby does too.