Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Not much new...

Not too much happening here's finally settling down into a routine and we are getting back to a "new normal!" Monday LG turned 6 weeks old and today marks 6 weeks with us :) It is also our I.'s 5th birthday! Good day! :)

LG is growing and getting big. His face is really filling out and those legs are not so "chickeny" anymore :) He watches all that is going on around him very intently and tries to smile/communicate with his entire body and it's so sweet to watch. Little Man continues to drop toys on the baby's carrier/swing/bouncer in hopes that LG will get up and no avail :(! lol! LM is still really good with him and constantly is putting the pacifier in LG's mouth if he cries or hugs and kisses on him constantly!

Nothing new on either of the case recently....we are still waiting to hear if LM's parents have been found/served. The CM is not answering my texts/emails about it, so I have no idea what's going on there! We are just waiting on LG's Dad to get things together. Nothing in either case will really happen till we return to court...the same day for both as mentioned before...about a month! Why do they make us wait so long???? I know..I know...the courts are so bogged down! There are so many cases and they seem to just keep sad :(

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