Sunday, March 27, 2011

Please pray!

Poor Little Grape has not been feeling well (cough) for about a week now. Last night we were literally up all night! He would not sleep unless in my arms and at that it was a very short time. Today he started with a super runny nose and sneezing constantly. Just a bit ago he started running a fever...I'll keep an eye on it, but if it raises much more we'll be headed to the after hours clinic or ER :( He's too little and I get concerned about RSV and whatever else his little system would have a hard time handling. Even if we don't go in, I forsee another long night ahead, so the prayers for his healing would be much appreciated!! I gotta tell ya that I am over getting puked on because he starts coughing during his feedings and it comes! Little Man also has a nasty cough and the rest of the family has some crazy cold "gunk" too....we could all use some prayers of healing!! I cannot believe that tomorrow he will be 2 months old!!The time has flown and yet it seems like it's been forever since I have gotten a full night's sleep! lol!

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