Wednesday, February 22, 2012

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A rough description of PG is that we assume all care for the child and act like he is ours, however the parents keep their rights and at any time can do what they were supposed to do and reclaim the child. So his MIA mom could clean her life up when Baby is 10 years old, go in front of the judge and get him back! Ummm...NOT good for Baby or our family. It's going to be VERY difficult for them to get a TPR for bio-dad since he is non-offending, so that is why they want to do PG.

It is our prayer that bio-dad has an epiphany and realizes that where Baby is now is going to be the safest and best place for him to stay and surrenders his rights. Personally I think he is perfectly ok with the situation as is now...Baby is well taken care of and loved and he gets to see him every week, but he is not responsible for all the day to day stuff of taking care of Baby. I just don't think he's capable to effectively do that.

It will be interesting to see how this all plays out. Will a family member be willing to do PG? Adoption through surrenders? Adoption through TPR? How long will this case be open? After that year mark they are seeming to really want to close this out. Well...I guess we have until June to wait still no matter which road is traveled.

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CherubMamma said...

We are in a similar place with our current placement. Only, as of right now, we (the foster parents) are not in a place to be considered for PMC (they call it permanent managing conservatorship where we live). I have to have a meeting with CPS to see how they would respond if we got our own counsel and tried to intervene in the case.

In all my research about permanent guardianship - the only thing I have to add to this is - you can petition for termination after PMC is granted.

So, technically, that parent that is MIA doesn't have to keep their rights forever. Termination can still happen even if it's not something the Department is looking to do right now. You wouldn't have to have the threat of disruption hanging over your heads for years and years.