Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sometimes foster care just STINKS!

Back to Baby's visit...I got a "lovely" (I use that word VERY loosely here) email this morning from the CM's supervisor. I wrote a long "venting"post which I will not actually post but it felt good to write :-)

Main points?

*Baby HAS to go on 4 hour visits with this aunt/uncle no later than 2/10/12
*I not only have to coordinate it with them, but also get to drive baby and hand him off to these people
*Agency requirements seem to overwrite anything else.
*People like to use the phrases like "baby will warm up" or "he'll adjust" or "kid's are resilient" or "it's just 4 hours" Maybe I should text/call all of them each time he wakes up at night following one of these visits?? LOL!! That would be fun, but probably not a good idea huh?!

Yep...put the big girl panties on, shut up and do as I am told. Foster care stinks sometimes!


CherubMamma said...

I had to deal with a visit situation like that recently. Only CPS couldn't even tell me for sure who the kids were going to visit.

When I pointed out that they were going to think they were seeing their mom...and that it would be pretty important for me to explain who these people really were they were going to go see...well, CPS called me back to tell me it was their aunt.

I still don't know who all showed up at the visit. A bunch of folks that haven't seen these kids since they came in to care 7 months ago. They showered the children with way too many presents (literally -- several different big gifts for each kid plus a whole bunch of little junk things) and then sent them back to me a couple hours later. The fallout was awful!!

These "family members" aren't even part of the reunification plan. No one could explain why the children had to do this visit. I just had to suck it up and deal with it.

ugh! Foster care stinks!!

Here's to praying that your little guy IS resilient and that the 4 hours aren't too detrimental overall!!!

One Blessed Mom said...

I agree!!! It stinks here in my county too...grrrr

Brittany said...

I guess it can, but foster care and adoption have many blessings as well:)

Our Journey said... are definitely right :) We have another son because of the foster care system!