Saturday, February 18, 2012


I was definitely expecting a text this morning, but nada! No confirmation whatsoever so that means another peaceful Saturday :) All going in the documentation log.

I was speaking to Baby's GAL a couple weeks ago and got the name/number of the foster (now adoptive) Mommy of Baby's other brother (he's 3). She is really excited to meet me and see Baby again (she met with them and the other siblings back when baby was about 4 months old). I am told she is consistent and follows through. I think we will plan a park day so all the kiddos can play together (she has 2 other children she has adopted as well). Maybe she can shed some light on the aunt/uncle situation too. I wonder if her son sees them and in what frequency (especially now that he is adopted). At least Baby can have one normal familial interaction :)


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

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sheldonanddenise said...

Hi! We have been in your same crazy boat.... our foster/adoption took 1.5yrs. with visits until the gas prices sky rocketed and they couldn't find a parent aid to transport. PTL!!! Our 2nd was a private adoption. Crazy questions: will the dad visits continue after the adoption? Why is he still visiting if adoption is right around the corner? We find out next month if we are chosen for a little one who is still having bi-weekly visits with the mom. So many things to be praying about and factor in now that we have two little boys. So glad to find your blog thru, "Are These Kids All Yours"!!! Blessings, Denise