Wednesday, February 29, 2012


So after reading Cherub Mama's blog I decided to really get organized! Up until now I have had our kid's "yellow jackets" stuffed with paper (you can see if tucked in the back on the second photo). This is the folder that comes with them when they arrive into care. It has all the important stuff that I will need as a foster parent.'s supposed to at least!!! If I needed something I had the general area, but then I had to thumb through everything. This will be much faster :-)

So I decided to take the binder route. If Baby does end up leaving then I can simply pull the info needed to move with him and that's that! The front of my binder has the custody letter that we get. Then I have an info sheet that lists his name, medicaid number (we STILL have never gotten a card for him or Little Man despite many attempts!), cm name/number, GAL name/number, Dr's/specialist's names/numbers and at the bottom a list of his current med.

After that sheet I have very basic dividers. I have a visit log, contact sheets, staffing paperwork, all physical/immunization forms, and medical records listed last (I include all hospital/specialist stuff here). In a page protector behind that I have all receipts for the clothing items we purchase for him (we get a $200 allowance that we need to keep track of each year) and the one note that I have received from Baby's Dad.

I am not done yet though...this is just the base. I plan to print out any important emails (especially Mr.Wonderful Uncle) and I may type out texts. the one I sent him about pop in Baby's cup (and of course his responses to those texts).

Up next....complete this binder and move onto the foster parent one. I plan to keep well organized this year! That one will be certain to include all training info/certificates, things to turn in, stipend receipts (like we may need for the IRS for Little Man's mom claiming him last year) and things like that! What do you keep in yours? :)


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

UMmmm......My binders usually include all our stuff for our next adoption :) he he he

I was going to try to organize our little man's health records, but I think a BIG BOX is more the route for that! :) he he he.....

Oh when we fostered I tried to keep it all organized.....we had a filing system. BUT most of the time- it got sooo huge!!!! OYE!

I love your system though!!!!

CherubMamma said...

I like the idea of keeping a visit log and documentation of contact with the bio family.

I don't have to do that as we have so few visits and almost no contact with the bio families in either case.

Documentation is so important though! It feels good when I get something organized. Let's not look at my desk right now. It's a disaster!!

t. marie said...

Love this! You rock!