Tuesday, February 21, 2012


WIC! I went to the office this morning again (oh...I have to change offices! Some big crime happened and streets were closed off and I was trying to maneuver my way through one of the worst areas in the city trying to get to where I needed to be. Not such a fun time) because at the last appt. he hadn't had one shot (b/c he hadn't had his 1 yr well-child yet) so they only gave me one month worth of checks. So I get called up in record time and then she says that because the age range for HIB is 12-15 months and his Dr. gives it at 15 months he is considered behind in their system because they always go with the youngest age. Nice...so now I get to visit my lovely wic office every month until he has that shot. Nothing like making it difficult for people when it's totally not necessary. It is what it is....(my hubby HATES that saying :) )

On to this afternoon. We had a joint visit with our FDS and Baby's CM. Baby's CM drops a nugget on me right away asking for Permanent Guardianship rather than adoption. A friend of our just went through this same scenario so I was well prepared knowledge-wise. Hubby and I already discussed this and it's a "no" for us. We love Baby with ALLLLLLL of our hearts but to live with that hanging over our heads and Baby's especially for the next 17 years is not an option for our family. I don't think that there is any family member that would be willing/able to do this for him. I know that Baby's sibling that lives with Mr. Wonderful Uncle has a PG with them, but that's different since they are actually blood related (in my opinion at least). We said that we would definitely love to give Baby permanency through adoption, but not PG.

Dad is still non-compliant...he has a little over a month before his case plan expires. When asked about this today he's still "looking into" places. She tried to express to him that he needs to do what he needs to do or Baby will be adopted by another family (she did not say us). I found out (from the GAL) the next staffing is April 17th. Our next court date is in June. So, although his plan expires on April 1st, nothing definitive will really happen until the beginning of June. Sigh....waiting some more!


Rachael said...

I went to WIC today too! Our county has only given us a month's worth of checks at a time since that's how far apart our court dates have been. Of course, only one branch is open late (until all of six pm!), so I ended up lost in a terrible part of the city as it got dark. So fun.

MamaFoster said...

yeah, i would not do PG either. i would be worried every day just like he was in foster care. i am excited for june now :)

Diane said...

Our state rarely considers PG for children under 3, unless it is a relative who doesn't want to / can't qualify to adopt. I'm shocked that they are asking you about PG but will alternately place him elsewhere (assuming not family) for adoption? That sounds like they are just strong-arming you. PG is SO much easier, faster, and cheaper for CPS; that may be why they are pushing. I would make sure the GAL/CASA is fully aware and involved.

Mama P said...

I went to WIC today, three! LOL We dont get checks though. We have distribution centers where you wait an hour for them to call you up and then after you pick which things you want from a few different choices (wheat bread or tortillas? liquid or powder eggs? A bag of oranges, apples, or two cans of peaches?).

PG for the next 17 years sounds like a scary thought! I don't really understand what that is, though. I hope that it just works out for you to belong to him forever. :)

Maura said...

Wow! i can't believe they would even suggest PG. I have never heard of that happening outside of kinship cases. weird.