Friday, February 10, 2012


Ok...per the supervisor's words, I confirmed 24 hours via email with the Uncle that I would be there tomorrow. I asked if he would. He has not responded at all today. I verified with my social worker that if he does not answer by this evening that I have every right to consider this visit cancelled. In fact, since it was supposed to be 24 hours confirmation I really don't even have to do that. I just have this *feeling* that either late tonight or early tomorrow morning I'm going to get a text or email saying that he will be there. With his history, I am not going to play that game...nope! I am ALL FOR baby seeing his siblings/family, but I will not be treated as though my time and baby's feelings are flexible to his whims. This is supposed to be the first visit together....has the desire to see Baby already faded??? :( If he does call/text tomorrow morning then he will get a lovely and respectful text/email back stating that since he didn't confirm, the visit will not happen and he has another chance in 2 weeks. Saturday mornings are for sleeping late, hanging out in your pj's too long and playing together....I think that's how we're going to get to spend our morning after all :)

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VolleyMom said...

It gives me anxiety just thinking of this visit and I don't know you. Just a foster mom from another state that reads your blog. And this uncle is driving me bananas, good luck.