Sunday, April 29, 2012

Catching Up

We've been busy here with my sister, niece and nephew in town for the past several days.  We have enjoyed going to the beach, Disney World and just hanging out and catching up.  Baby and Moosie had a FUN first time at Disney :)

Yesterday Baby had his first 6 hour visit with his Uncle/Aunt.  I guess it went ok.  They invited his other brother (the one who is adopted by another foster family) over as well.  I asked them to be sure to give him a nap especially because Disney was the day before and the poor kid was exhausted.  When they showed up in the parking lot, he was fast asleep in his car seat and according to her he was having too much fun and "couldn't sleep" at their house so he got a 20 min nap in the car.  Grrr....poor kid!

I haven't heard anything from bio-Dad.  After he was supposed to have a visit last Tues. he never called and confirmed, so that was 6 weeks straight without a visit.  3 weeks with no contact with me.  I wonder what went on at his Mother's house????  Anyway, Tuesday is rolling around again....I wonder what will happen.

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