Wednesday, April 11, 2012

It's not over yet!

Our GAL had a meeting with their attorney today to discuss what's been going on! I was waiting on pins and needles to see how it went! She called a bit ago and basically said that from now until court we will be working our tails off (and by we and I mostly mean her) to build a case against the aunt/uncle and for TPR. The attorney gave her exactly what we would need to do this and how to go about being the most effective. Of course when all is said and done it will be up to the judge to decide on how to proceed with Baby's future, but all hope is not lost. Of course I am still praying that bio-dad "wakes up" and just surrenders making this process infinitely easier! I have to search for my old calender and get dates of visits from when he was like 3 and 4 months old...too bad I moved and can't seem to find these little things that are oh so important. I'll tear the whole house up if I have to! lol!

I found all the documentation that I needed on my blog! Yay! it was worse than I remembered. They only had 3 sibling visits at the mall with baby and 1 overnight and it was all in the month of June 2011. That's it...until the recent visits ONLY because they think Baby will be with them under a PG. Hmmmmm.....we'll see what the judge says about all this! :)


MamaFoster said...

go back thru your blog and see if you mentioned any of those things along with the dates.

Our Journey said...

That's exactly what I just did :) See....this blog is more than just venting! lol! It's record keeping :) Anyway, I found everything except one incident that I want to document, so not bad!

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Love that you found it!!!!

PRAYING!!!! God knows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As far as helping your children to grieve and prepare......we explained to our children (the several times we thought they were going to be going back) that it really is a good thing to be with bio family if possible. For baby he has siblings he will live with. We said that we love them so very much and that will NOT CHANGE. We will pray for them forever!!! We will have a place in our hearts, but they will be living somewhere else. God gave us time with them. Even though it seems strange and hard- God will be watching over baby and loves him even more than us.....
Yeah.....lame sounding, but we tried......
Of course after the "first time" didn't happen.....we started saying....maybe they would go, but it was up to the judge.