Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A visit? Uuummm...maybe not!

Yesterday afternoon I missed a call from Baby's CM.  I listened to the VM and she said that Baby's Dad had left her a message over the weekend that he wanted a visit this Tues (today).  UGH!  It had been over 2 weeks since anyone had heard from him.  So I texted her and asked if it was going to be the same time.  She then said he had to confirm the visit (Mon) and still hadn't.  It was 4pm at that point.  I didn't hear from her again, so I texted this am and he never confirmed, so no visit.

WHY???  Why do this to all these people and especially to BABY??!!

I tried texting him again and nothing.  He won't respond to anything.  It's so weird.  I don't know if his phone number has changed for the millionth time or if he just isn't interested in communicating with me anymore.  Whatever!  I guess he doesn't realize how he's messing this up pretty bad.

He's missed two drug screens which automatically ='s a (+) test.  He hasn't visited in 6 weeks.  Does he really think the judge is going to look favorably on this???  I still wonder if he's communicated with the aunt/uncle at all.

The rollercoaster is on it's way up and we are almost to the top!  Wonder how long we'll sit up there? lol!

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