Monday, April 23, 2012


Baby had to get some blood drawn for his pulmonologist to test, so I made the appt for this afternoon.  I knew it wasn't going to be pretty.  I was right :(  They tried to in each one of his arms, but he was writhing so much that 2 adults and the one taking the blood just couldn't get it.  So now we get to go back 2 more times (they need a lot of blood!)  The whole waiting room stopped and stared as we walked out...yeah...I'm pretty sure people OUTSIDE the building could hear my baby screaming :(  Poor thing gave that tech the dirtiest baby look he could and I'm pretty sure there were some "baby bad words" in there too! lol!!

One of the techs was an older AA woman.  She jokingly asked how a "white woman got that beautiful black baby".  I joked back saying "he came out that way!"  She then told me a story about how she was recently at the nursing home and one of the residents there had her grandchild LIVING THERE with her!!!!  Seriously??  In what alternate universe would anyone think that a nursing home would be a great place to raise a child?


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